Not a Member?   Want to join the Highland Country Club?  Fill out the HCC Contract form and send it to the address listed on the form or contact the club at (618) 654-4653 for more information.

2023 Membership Rates                                                Additional Fees (if applicable)
Highland Country Club
Honorary Couple
Honorary Single
$   400.00
$   400.00
$   200.00
*If paying in six payments, a valid credit card, must be on file and a $50 service charge will be added.
*A 3% fee will be charged to members paying their Membership dues by credit card.
*A $100/quarterly minimum to be spent in the clubhouse for food/beverage is required
for all members except junior members.
       April/May/June, July/August/September, October/November/December, January/February/March
* Clubhouse policy: All tabs require a credit card when starting a tab. If tabs are left open at the end of the night we will use the card and add an 18% gratuity.
Cart Space
Trail Fee
$  75.00
Initiation/Cart Bldg Fee
Currently the HCC GOLF Membership is Full